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Adam Roberts
Caught up with Adam Roberts!
Adam races mostly enduro, just finished Finke and is off to Hattah!

Adam had to overcome:
Running his own roofing business
Being on the tools and having physical work
Finding bike time and looking after hs partner and little one
In the process he:
Lost 6cm off his waist
Lost 7kg in 12 weeks and then another 2kg after that
91kg bodyweight to 82kg
Has MORE energy working and to spend with his family
Went from doing 6hr enduros in a 4 man team and being fucked, to 6hr enduros ironman and still having more in the tank
Got his first Enduro Podium
+More in the video

Its a testament to the hard work Adam has put in from Day 1.

Awesome progress Adam, looking forward to see how far we can go over the coming months. 
Nathan Barham
Caught up this week with Nathan Barham. What a legend!

His first race meet EVER was FINKE DESERT RACE.
In the lead up he got his “race pace” from 10mins to 2 hrs.
And went from 100kg to 88kg bodyweight in just over 12 weeks.
Training only 3 HRS per week.
And riding ONCE a week.
While running a BUSINESS and having a FAMILY to look after.
And ultimately finished his first FINKE comfortably!

Awesome to see how far you have come Nathan since we first spoke.
Check out what he had to say.
Tom Parsons
Interview with Tom Parsons!

113kg to 106kg = Lost 7kg 
113cm to 107cm waist measurement = Lost 6cm 
Completed Finke with NO shock (literally) 
DOUBLED his race fitness in 12 weeks 
Find out how he did it here where we deep dive into exactly what Tom did to get the success he did with MDP.

Great work Tom!

PS. Audios a bit clunky at the start but it clears up
Nick Wolthers
What a great transformation from Nick Wolthers!

When I first spoke to Nick, he was busting his ass in training both in the gym and cycling.

And still only able to put in 7mins on the track at race pace.

This is one of the most frustrating things for riders.
Putting in the work and not seeing the results.

Nick has had to overcome a few hurdles over our time together, including coming off the bike and learning to take time for himself.

As most riders do, he was in a trap of reacting to everything that was happening in his life, rather than being proactive.
This meant that before MDP, road bumps would turn into brick walls and stop him from hitting his goals.

Nick is a new man now.
The amount of challenges he has been able to overcome and the attitude he has had while overcoming these is night and day to where we first started.

Most riders focus on the training and nutrition, which is important.
Getting from 3-5 laps to 15 laps at race pace is awesome.

But the mindset shift Nick has been able to make has been where the real growth is and what will serve him for the rest of his life.

Keep up the great work Nick.

Clark James
Clark R James is just one of the many legends in our community.

When we first spoke, he felt like he had hit a plateau with his fitness and wasn’t seeing the progress he saw when he first started.

He used to get sore knees and a saw lower back while riding, could only put in 1 solid hour at race pace and his lap times would drop off up to 15mins over an Enduro.

On top of this, he’s 47 years old, works 60-70hrs a week fixing trucks in Port Headland (think hot and humid), has a family and kids to look after and only gets the opportunity to ride on weekends.

Most riders just blame their circumstances and stop there.

Now Clark has TRIPLED his level of strength, has got his lap times down to within 30secs of each other of a race meet, knocked 6-7cm off his waist, doesn’t get sore knees and sore lower back on the bike, and does this while being surrounded by people at work that like a good drink.

It has been awesome to see the numbers you have been putting up Clark and the amount you have grown since the start of the year.

Look forward to seeing your results at the coming enduros :)
Hessam Kashani
I caught up with Hessam Kashani this week. 

He has been in MDP nearly 18 months so I thought it would be good to see what has kept him going all this time!
He races MX and the east coast series.
When we first spoke, his ultimate goal was to be able to come away from race day happy and enjoy being on the bike.

Obstacles Hessam had to tackle:
Works as a mechanic for himself, works a couple of days for another mechanic, and drives people around
Inconsistent work time and schedule
Was training hard but not seeing improvement on the bike. Went to the gym and did classes and light weights

Results on the bike:
Enjoys his racing
4 x his race fitness 
Can do a full moto at race pace 

Awesome progress Hessam! One of the most consistent riders in the group!
Nathan Martin
Caught up with Nathan Martin who tackled Finke on a BMW 1200 adventure bike!

It wasn’t the plan but that's how it panned out. 

He had to tackle a few hurdles in his prep: 
Going from office work to driving a truck and being on the road for up to 2 weeks 
Getting bogged in sand dunes and having a big off on day 1 
Not making the time cap 
Having a partner and twin girls to look after 
Not having a consistent time and work schedule while driving 

Lost 12kgs
Has the whole family eating well and 11 year old making meals 
Finished Finke in 6.5hrs when most people would have quit 
Improved his whole lifestyle, not just riding 

Great work Nathan, has been awesome to see how far you have come and be able to tackle Finke on a 250kg bike!
Greg Ward
What a great chat with Greg Dale Ward this week!

Greg’s goal was to go and tackle Finke this year but unfortunately that goal got cut short just weeks before leaving.

He’s had to tackle:
A big incident and injury
Being 53 years old and being told not to ride
Working a day and night roster, away from home, eating camp food
Working 12.5hr shifts

Overcoming all this, Greg was able to:
Increase his race fitness by at least 300% (while training HALF as much as he used to)
Go from wishing the race was ending to hoping for more laps
Keep training while injured and still make progress (when most riders quit)

Really proud of you Greg for the courage and commitment you have shown to yourself, your riding and the others in the group through a tough time.
Time to get back out there and get at it! 💪💪✊
Craig Divitini
It was great to catch up with Craig Bruno Divitini!
Craig and I used to race together in juniors and have had very similar experiences with training.
Buying into the myths of motocross fitness, training hard and not seeing improvement.
Which is frustrating.
Craig has had a fair few obstacles since he first started MDP.
He works FIFO.
2 weeks away and is only home for 1.
Has an average selection of food (and thats probably talking it up).
As well as tackling renovations at home on his short week off.
Not to mention getting sick as well and riding once every few weeks.
You would think it would be impossible for him to get race fit.
He’s gone from 3 laps at race pace before crippling arm pump to doing 20-30min motos.
He is training the complete opposite way to how he used to (ditching the cardio)
Has significantly reduced/eliminated his arm pump .
All while only training 3 sessions per week and living off camp food.
Your riding fitness has come a long in leaps and bounds, as well as your mindset to overcome the obstacles you have and get on with it.
Excited to get you out there for a race meet!
Vikki Cox
It was great to catch up with Vikki!
Vikki had been following me for a while before we first spoke.
Her goal was to do Finke for this year (2019) and tackle training herself.
When it came to the crunch she didn’t have the confidence to commit and make it happen.
She tried tackling training herself, doing different programs, speaking to multiple gym PT’s.
Still only be able to ride for a solid 1hr before looking for ways to head back to the car.
Her mindset was that she needed to train every day so she was trying to get out 6 times a week to train.
Still with no certainty in what she needed to do and little to no results for all the effort.
Fast forward to 8 weeks later since starting MDP. Vikki is 4kg lighter, has doubled her riding fitness to 2hrs with more in the tank.
It has been great to see the level of transformation you have made Vikki in such a short period of time.
Your consistency has been outstanding (while tackling running a gardening business which isn’t exactly easy work).
Keep up the good work! 💪💪
Kevin Britten
Here’s my chat with Kevin Britten.
Kevin is a WHY person like me.
It’s not enough to just take something someone says at face value, he needs to know WHY we are doing what we are doing.
It has made for great content for you guys.
He has challenged me more than most riders so I feel I’ve grown as a coach with him.
Kevin has had a few different goals with his enduro racing, with Wildwood being next on the list.
When Kevin first started, he had done a Transmoto 8hr in a 4 man team.
This means doing a 30min lap and then resting for 90mins.
He was cycling and running like most riders do, in the mindset of ‘my races are long so I need to try and train longer’.
With all this work, he’d still get about 10-15mins into a lap before fatigue would hit and he’d be in survival mode just trying to finish the lap.
And then take 45mins to recover and be ready to go again.
Kevin also runs an engineering business with a team.
Which sometimes means travelling and staying away from home.
He also has 4 young kids and a partner to take care of.
If anyone has a busy schedule and a million excuses of why he can’t get better on the bike, it would be Kevin.
But it isn’t Kevin.
Because he continues to be resourceful and FIND ways to get shit done.
Fast forward to 12 weeks later, he’s done an 8hr Transmoto in a 2 man team, DOUBLING his workload from week 1, as well as recovering in 5-10minutes after each 30min lap (and solid 30mins laps now, actually going for it!)
Now looking at doing an 8hr IRONMAN!
Great to see the hard work and resourceful mindset you have adopted Kevin!
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